Aurora Borealis From A Cozy Wilderness Cabin - Northern Tales
* Prices per person based on double, triple or quad occupancy, 5% GST extra
* 按雙人、三人或四人入住來計算價格,另加收5%消費稅
Additional night at cabin – $130
小屋加住1夜—— $130
2 nights of accommodation in Whitehorse in 3 star hotel (1st and last night)
2 nights of cabin accommodation (private cabin)
Aurora Borealis From A Cozy Cabin
The hotel is located within walking distance of all attractions, restaurants, banks and stores. We will have an informational meeting and registration for optional tours at the hotel. Take your time for fitting the winter clothing (optional), shopping and dinner on your own.
Get ready for three exciting days at world famous Lake Laberge the scene of the renowned “Cremation of Sam McGee” so eloquently set out in verse by Yukon’s celebrated poet Robert Service. Your next two nights and three days are spent in the seclusion of the Yukon wilderness and you’ll have to pick up enough supplies to do you for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners and of course the snacks and beverages that are a must around a bonfire in the evening.
Every cabin at the lake is fully equipped with a propane cook stove, utensils and cooking implements so let your imagination roam. Don’t forget the marshmallows and smokies – they’re delicious cooked on a stick over an evening bonfire.
A short hour’s drive via Alaska and the North Klondike Highways bring us to the Fox Creek Road, a privately maintained, nine km backwoods road that follows the now frozen Fox Creek to the shore of Lake Laberge. The reduced speed and snow dampened road noise makes it apparent that you’re off the grid and on your own in the wonderful pristine world of snow. The breathtaking ride ends much too soon. After your arrival at the lodge you are assigned your cabin and the guide will familiarize everyone with the camp layout and amenities. These include a well-heated washhouse with full bathroom facilities, and a sauna that is available on a first come, first served basis.
There is enough daylight left for a hike down to the lake or creek or to climb to the viewing platform on the hill overlooking the camp, a snowshoe walk in the woods or one of the many optional activities available to you.
As daylight wanes and the moon rises above the mountain range on the opposite shore you are immersed in the solitude and silence of the north broken only occasionally by the far away howl of a lonely wolf, the yipping of a coyote or the questioning call of a snowy owl. The “pièce de résistance” would be a clear night and the swishing lights of the Aurora in the starry sky above.
Optional activities (must be pre-booked) available are: A two-hour or half-day of mushing your own dog team on Lake Laberge or on the many trails surrounding the lodge; a two-hour or half-day snow machine ride or an afternoon of ice fishing for lake trout on the snowy expanse of the lake.
You can also simply enjoy a day of rest in the crispy and pristine setting of the camp.
Morning at your leisure or optional half day tour in the morning. Transfer back to your hotel in downtown at 2pm. At 9.30 pm we will depart for another night of Aurora viewing at the Northern Tales Trading Post.
Price for Full Day: $285 + 5% GST per person
全日價:每人$285 + 5%消費稅
Price for Half Day: $185 + 5% GST per person
半日價:每人$185 + 5% 消費稅
We will meet you at your cabin and introduce you to the safety of driving a snow machine. After instructions and a trial run with your instructor you’ll be driving your own machine (2 clients sharing on snow mobile) over prepared trails through the incredible winter landscape of the Yukon. Includes instruction, the use of a snow machine (lunch and hot drinks on full day tour).
Total duration half day: 3 hours
Total duration full day: 6 hours
Price: CAD $225.00 +5% GST per person
價格:每人225.00 加元+5% 消費稅
We will meet you at your cabin and give you an introduction to harnessing the dogs and hitching them to the sled. The highlight of this excursion will be when you’ll run your own dog team for approximately 3-4 hours.
Include: instruction, use of dogs and sled, lunch and hot drinks, trail side fire
Half Day Snow Shoeing
Price {0}:{/0} CAD $85.00 +5% GST per person
價格 {0}:{/0} 每人85.00 加元+5%消費稅
Your guide will meet you in the morning and takes you out on a trail of your choice. Depending on conditions, your guide will give you some options.
Total duration: 3 hours
Half Day Ice Fishing
Price {0}:{/0} CAD $150.00 +5% GST per person
價格 {0}:{/0} 每人150.00 加元+5%消費稅
We will meet you at your cabin and bring you out onto the lake to the ideal fishing location. A fire barrel and tent shelter will keep you warm and cozy while you try to catch your dinner for tonight. Fingers crossed that a good size lake trout likes your lure. Includes angling equipment, instruction on how to use snowshoes and on how to fish, blankets, snack and hot drinks.
Please send us an inquiry if you want to learn more about this tour. {0}Inquire{/0}

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